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Checklist designing a laboratory?

Determine the purpose of the lab: What kind of testing or research will be conducted? Evaluate the safety requirements: Follow safety standards, including ventilation, hazardous material storage, safety equipment, emergency protocols, and training requirements. Determine the layout: Organize the lab to facilitate efficient workflow without compromising safety protocols. Think about workstations, equipment placement, and storage. […]

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Laboratory rent or build?

You can’t just set up a laboratory anywhere. This is resticted to quite some laws and regulations. Depending on the actual situation of your company  there are several possibilities. The main question is often renting or (temporary) building a laboratory? Of course, this also has to do with the size of the future laboratory, which

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What is Clash detection?

Clash detection is used to find and avoid a conflict within designs. It is an opportunity to avoid extra costs during the design process of your laboratory. What is a clash? A clash is a conflict between the different designs of involved third parties. It can be caused by combining all Autodesk Revit models. We

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What is a Battery of Limit?

The Battery of Limit (B.O.L.) is the interface point between two parties. For example, one party is responsible for the main water line. The other party is responsible for the connection to the point of use. What does a Battery of Limit contain? Clear descriptions are important for successful projects. It should describe the exact location

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What are the key considerations for laboratory furnishing?

In laboratory furnishing, it is important that every meter is used optimally, in order to create an effective laboratory. When setting up your lab, it is important that every choice takes into account the furniture, fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets, extraction points, hazardous substances, work areas and safety. What is important in the laboratory design? In

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What is laboratory optimization?

In a laboratory, it is very important to work efficiently, cleanly and safe. The lab procedures should be simple and regulated. This will lead to faster and more reliable results. How can you optimize your laboratory? The first important step to an optimized laboratory is to plan and organize your laboratory equipment. Laboratory optimization can

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What is laboratory digitalization?

Laboratory digitization is your laboratory virtual. In this virtual lab, it is possible to enter your laboratory environment in a unique way. By means of special information points, you can view and share information. Laboratory digitalization We can create a virtual laboratory environment in a unique way and provide you with a digitized lab. Laboratory

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