What is laboratory optimization?

In a laboratory, it is very important to work efficiently, cleanly and safe. The lab procedures should be simple and regulated. This will lead to faster and more reliable results.

How can you optimize your laboratory?

The first important step to an optimized laboratory is to plan and organize your laboratory equipment.

Laboratory optimization can improve workflow and productivity. In this article, we show five ways to optimize your existing laboratory.

The right equipment

Laboratory equipment enables and facilitates the work in a lab. The quality of the results depends on this and is crucial for laboratory optimization. That is why good quality laboratory equipment is of great importance in your lab. The equipment is specifically tuned for performance and efficiency. In this way, you can optimize your workspace in the laboratory.

Define work areas

Specific tasks must be assigned to separate work areas. This offers an opportunity to perform the work more efficiently. These work areas can be taken into account when designing the laboratory.

In these work areas, equipment, supplies and materials should be in close proximity. In this way, the individual steps of the process can be carried out easily and quickly. In summary, this ensures laboratory optimization. You also prevent laboratory employees with different goals from getting in each other's way.

Laboratory Digitization

Laboratory digitization provides opportunities to save money and time. We can create a virtual laboratory environment of your laboratory in a unique way and provide you with a digitized lab. This way you can share your knowledge about your laboratory and improve the fun factor in your current laboratory.

Use electronic software

Investing in good software that automatically performs an inventory check can save time and energy. In addition, the use of an electronic laboratory notebook can be an advantage. The data is automatically recorded and can be used for experiment documentation.

Organized laboratory

It is critical that workbenches are organized and tidy. In a laboratory, there is room for risks and these must be limited and laboratory safety comes first.

Only materials that will be used are allowed on workbenches. The other materials should be well organized. Also, a clean and organized execution contributes to accurate results of good quality. Labelling makes work easier. It sorts and clearly indicates what's in it.

How can we help you?

Let us meet and talk about your challenges, looking for the best possible solution for you and your company!

We can help you with consultancy, project management and turnkey laboratory projects.

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