What is the difference between a laboratory and a cleanroom?

There is s a difference between the way laboratories and clean rooms operate, but they can both serve one purpose: experimentation. A laboratory is usually set up for research purposes while a 'clean room' will often be used in the production process too - sometimes even at different times!

There is no direct relation between them. A clean room can be used as a laboratory but could also be used for production. Laboratories are always for experiments/analyses/testing if it is research or quality control.

What is a cleanroom?

Cleanroom Rooms are Contaminated Controlled Environments

Cleanrooms are rooms that have been specially designed to maintain low levels of contamination. These environments can be found in many different places, including manufacturing plants or scientific research stations; they're often used for maintaining cleanliness during processes like prototyping machinery with microbes on surfaces where there is also open workspace exposed directly to outside air which could carry other particles into your workspace (for example if you don't wear protective gear).

Cleanroom versus laboratory

What is a laboratory?

A laboratory is a place where scientific research and development occurs. It's an area that contains instruments used for studying, systemizing or quantifying objects of interest with controlled uniformity in conditions such as temperature, humidity etc. There are many types of laboratories around the world but modern ones use all these resources to make sure they get quality results.

Laboratory vs cleanroom

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