What are the key considerations for laboratory furnishing?

In laboratory furnishing, it is important that every meter is used optimally, in order to create an effective laboratory. When setting up your lab, it is important that every choice takes into account the furniture, fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets, extraction points, hazardous substances, work areas and safety.

What is important in the laboratory design?

In a laboratory, it is important to work efficiently, cleanly and safely. For this reason, a balance must be struck in the following matters:

  • Ergonomics
  • Appearance
  • Air handling (containment)
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Value for money

When the above points are aligned, you can work effectively within your lab. Choosing your laboratory furnisher is therefore not the only thing that is important.

In addition, organizing your laboratory furnishing will result in an optimized laboratory.

How do you determine the laboratory furnishing?

You make a laboratory set-up with careful attention to the following points:


When your laboratory setup offers the space to be flexible, this is an opportunity to keep up with the current demands of future users in the lab.


When setting up your laboratory, access via multiple routes must be taken into account. This is in case of blockage during any calamities.

The right equipment:

Lab equipment makes work in a lab possible and easier!

Layout work areas:

Specific tasks must be able to be assigned to separate work areas. There should be an option to keep the pre-research, test and post-research phases of a project separate. Keep this in mind when setting up.

How do you provide insight into laboratory furnishing?

A Laboratory floor plan is a tool to provide insight into laboratory use. It is a sketch in which at least the following things are made visually:

  • The laboratory furnishing
  • Utilities (water, gases, electricity, etc.)
  • Work areas
  • Laboratory setup and walking paths
Laboratory floor plan

What do you use to set up your laboratory?

Selecting suitable laboratory furniture to ensure safety is an important part of your laboratory set-up. The furniture in a laboratory make the work possible and easier. That is why the right furniture is of great importance in your laboratory. We can help you choose the right laboratory furniture supplier . In this way you can optimize your workspace in the laboratory and make it safe.

How can we help you?

Let us meet and talk about your challenges, looking for the best possible solution for you and your company!

We can help you with consultancy, project management and turnkey laboratory projects.

Labs31 Team

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