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Over 25 years of project experience. Projects all over the planet and in all kinds of different sectors and industries.


Many years ago Lou and Gilbert designed and realized the laboratory on the Shell Prelude,  the world's biggest floating LNG factory. Challenges they had to overcome: Limited space (25% less space compared to a normal LNG lab), Extreme High Standards (25 years live cycle, DEP, SOLAS), Air Exchange challenge (Advanced VAV system) and Tailor-made innovative design on layout and equipment.

Active sectors and industries

  • Biotechnology
  • Food
  • Polymers (Plastics)
  • Chemical
  • Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Research & Development
  • Hospitals, Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • GeoScience
  • Wet Laboratories
  • Steel

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Project Experience Labs31

co-design shell

Heutink: Biology, Physics, Chemistry Classroom design & engineering project

We designed a classroom that is used for biology, physics and chemistry classes. Also helped with projects for different clients, with our professional drawings like floorplans and Electrics and Water (E&W) utility layouts. This movie is what they showed to one of their clients: A rollercoaster ride into a new classroom

Dupont: BIM Revit Laboratory Design and Project Support for Wesemann

We as Labs31 helped Wesemann to realize the laboratory of Dupont Leiden. We collaborated closely with Dura Vermeer, Wesemann and Dupont to implement the new laboratory in this beautifully designed new building. We helped Wesemann to win this project and supported them with all the Autodesk BIM Revit laboratory design drawings (original lab design by …

Dupont: BIM Revit Laboratory Design and Project Support for Wesemann Read More »

Innocent Drinks: From Laboratory design workshop to Happy as it works project

Innocent Drinks, a fruit juice food company, is building their first factory in Rotterdam, named The Blender. At the beginning of 2020 we started together with them the laboratory design phase with a two-day online workshop due to Covid-19. Let us show you. How we did the online Laboratory Design workshop:

Oman LNG: Laboratory Design & Inside-out Engineering project

Oman LNG is a daughter company of the Shell Group. One of our long therm client Mark asked us, to make the design for their new laboratory. We were invited before the building contructor was chosen. Inside-out engineering We inside engineered the total laboratory for them, including their office space. Please have a look. After …

Oman LNG: Laboratory Design & Inside-out Engineering project Read More »

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