Neste: New laboratory design for new Bio-fuel factory

Technip Energies contracted us for designing a new innovative sustainable laboratory for NESTE.

Even big companies like Neste do not design a new laboratory every day. We are therefore very pleased to use our laboratory design and engineering expertise for NESTE and Technip Energies.

Kick-off workshop as a quick laboratory design starter

neste1 laboratory design
neste2 laboratory design
neste3 laboratory design

In October we started a first design workshop. Of course, during this phase, we also took a look at the current NESTE lab. A nice collection of design criteria has been drawn up and arranged (due to confidentiality we can't say more about this).

Clear defined milestones

During our delivery we have three important phases:

  • Milestone 1: Conceptual Design & Data Collection
  • Milestone 2: Preliminary Design & Engineering
  • Milestone 3: Approved Design & Engineering

At the end of these phases, the design is ready to be tendered to the various laboratory furniture and equipment producers.


NESTE is a frontrunner in the field of biological fuels and is going to build a new factory on the second Maasvlakte.


Technip Energies is an internationally leading technology & engineering company that we work closely with.

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