Approach and processThe Labs31 Laboratory Design Canvas explained

Do you need a new laboratory and do not know where to start?

The Laboratory Design Canvas is a unique inside-out engineering approach for improving existing and developing new laboratories.

Labs31 developed the Laboratory Design Canvas in 2017 as a result of many years of designing and engineering laboratories all over the world. Even if you are an experienced Lab Manager, Facility Manager, Engineer or Project Manager. Building or renovating a laboratory is not something you do daily. It is a complex process and we can help you all the way.

The Laboratory Design Canvas

The Laboratory Design Canvas is divided in ten important steps:

Laboratory Design Canvas

Always a 3D laboratory design

In the Design and Engineering phase, we use our Autodesk Revit skills to present you with the laboratory design in the most user-friendly way. We Dutchies like to be modest, but we can honestly say we are International front runners in this approach of laboratory design. We are fully BIM compliant.

Examples of how to help you

During the steps of the Laboratory Canvas, we can help you in different ways. Let us give you some examples.


We can assist you with each part of the scope with our LabGuru Advice.

Making all the right choices and advice and guide you with your laboratory project in the best possible way.

Advice you how to optimise or re-build your current laboratory as your LabGuru Advisor.

Assist you with sending out professional laboratory tenders. After we complete the design and engineering of the laboratory for you. Helping you to select the right laboratory furniture and utility suppliers to get the job done.

Project Management

We strongly believe that with our experience and project manager skills, we ensure that your requirements are being fulfilled in realizing the new laboratory.

Finding the right solution is not always easy. By using our structured project management approach and design toolkit, we can ensure that each step in the process to a new laboratory is fully covered. We commit ourselves to the result.


Turn-key projects

We can also work for you as a full-service integrator. In this case, we are responsible for the complete scope of work.

Consequently, we will deliver a turn-key project and will work closely together with laboratory equipment, furniture and utility providers and of course the building constructor.

In the end, we will ensure you get what we agreed upon.



We like a challenge and would like to help you with your laboratory project. We can have a nice cup of coffee at the "van Nelle Fabriek", have a virtual meeting or visit your place. Whatever suits you well.

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