Step 2 – Analytical Schedule (Analysis, Scheduling & Modeling)

During this phase, a sample and/or analytical schedule can be created. The approach is greatly depending on the available data. First of all, this would be based on the information received. The optimized sample/analysis can be the basis for the creation of an equipment list.

Creating the analytical schedule

Creating the analytical schedule can already be part of the first step in optimization.

Maybe it would be good to change some standard methods or sample deliveries. As a result, the analyses would be more efficient.

Most noteworthy is that by using slightly different methods the need for different equipment is reduced.

Furthermore getting similar samples on the same day might help better use of equipment. Since this would save time preparing the instrument (warming up, calibration, etc.).

Creating Equipment list

With the optimized sample/analysis schedule an equipment list can be created.


Anaytical Schedule
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