Checklist designing a laboratory?

  • Determine the purpose of the lab: What kind of testing or research will be conducted?
  • Evaluate the safety requirements: Follow safety standards, including ventilation, hazardous material storage, safety equipment, emergency protocols, and training requirements.
  • Determine the layout: Organize the lab to facilitate efficient workflow without compromising safety protocols. Think about workstations, equipment placement, and storage.
  • Consider ergonomics: Ensure that the workspace is designed to reduce physical stress and strain caused by repetitive motions, awkward positions, or prolonged standing.
  • Factor in workflow requirements: Minimize congestion, optimize flow, and simplify the movement of people and materials. Anticipate how materials and equipment will move within the lab.
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  • Select appropriate flooring, wall, and ceiling materials: Construct or modify the lab with materials that are durable, easy to sanitize, and meet safety and regulatory standards.
  • Determine the electrical requirements: Calculate the power needs for all equipment and lighting. Ensure that the electrical system meets safety and regulatory requirements.
  • Select and install suitable ventilation systems: Select and install the right type and quantity of ventilation systems for your lab.
  • Determine the lighting requirements: Provide adequate lighting that meets safety and regulatory standards.
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory and accreditation requirements: Ensure that your lab meets industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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