When is a laboratory design workshop useful?

The following situations are examples when a laboratory design workshop might be useful for you:

  • When laboratory expertise is not available within your company.
  • To stop sketching in powerpoint or similar tools.
  • To quickly and professionally design a laboratory in 2D or 3D within your BIM model.
  • To integrate your equipment requirements.
  • To help you find all the lean design criteria and integrate them into the design

We have a wide range of laboratory knowledge within our company and network. Many of the customers we work with lack the real expertise on the above points.

Through Labs31 you can participate in two or more day workshops for a fixed price. This is based on our Labguru concultancy service. There is a possibility to do this fully online (if necessary), but of course also physically.

design workshop

How can we help you?

Let us get acquainted and talk about your challenges, looking for the best possible solution for you and your company!

We can help you with consultancy, project management and turn-key laboratory projects.

Labs31 Team

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