Approach Laboratory Design Canvas explained

Data Collection

Step 1 – Data Collection

Is there a need for a laboratory and why is it needed?

Maybe you could consider to outsource the laboratory work?

When the decision is made that a laboratory is needed we should start from the beginning. Therefore data has to be collected because this will form the basis for a new laboratory.
The major questions are…

Analytical Schedule

Step 2 – Analytical Schedule (Analysis, Scheduling & Modeling)

During this phase a sample and/or analytical schedule can be created. The approach is greatly depending on the available data. First of all this would be based on the information received. The optimized sample/analysis can be the basis for the creation of an equipment list. Creating the analytical schedule can already…

Equipment List

Step 3 – Creating Equipment List (and optimizing it)

In this phase we create the equipment list. To accomplish that we will use the analytical schedule as basis. For the equipment list we are going to determine which equipment is needed and how many. Depending on the amount of samples and the wishes of the client a level of automation can be determined.

Laboratory Design

Step 4 – Detailed Laboratory Design

All designs we make we model it in 3d. We use Autodesk Revit to get this job done. The first step of the design is to group analyses into different areas. The basis for grouping can vary. Creating different lab areas A grouping can be done based on…

Detailed Engineering

Step 5 – Detailed Engineering – Fine-tuning the project

Detailed engineering is the phase we have reached so far. As a result, now with the contours of the project slowly emerging, next steps can be taken. The project will need further detailing. More detailed drawings of the laboratory needs to be made. Interactive 3D design. In addition we also can provide you a unique …

Tender / RFQ Creation

Step 6 – Laboratory Tender, RFQ Creation

During this stage, all collected data will be used. The details such as lab requirements, data and design are translated into a (neutral) Tender or Request For Quotation . Especially relevant is our Fit4Purpose added value. In the Tender / RFQ it is mandatory to have a clear description of…

Quotation – Turn-key / Independent or Purchase consultancy

Step 7 – Quotation

In an earlier stage the position of Labs31 has been defined. In General there are three options subject for discussion. Turn-key supplier Labs31 will deliver a turn-key quotation where we will take care of the complete project from scratch till finish. Purchase consultancy Client has decided that Labs31 will support the client’s team with comparing …


Business Agreement

Great! You have signed a contract with Labs31, or you used our Quotation to select your solution provider for the laboratory. This is your ticket for success. We would like…

Supply, Installation, Training and Commissioning

Step 8 – Supply, Installation, Training and Commissioning

In this stage the real work begins resulting in a working laboratory. We can fully assist with this as your laboratory project manager, so you don’t need to worry about it. A. Supply Transport comes with many rules and regulations. In this phase all parties know exactly what to provide and …

Happy customer

Step 9- Happy as it works

After the supply, installation, training and commisioning you might still need some additional services. Things like additional training on equipment or methods training used in your laboratory…

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