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4D Laboratory Design

4D laboratory design: next step in efficient lab realisation

Original Article (Dutch language) by: LabInsight June 24th 2022  | Author: Marjan Hammink  | Photos: Labs31 Together with Scandinavia, the Netherlands is a frontrunner in the fast, flexible and cost-effective realization with 3D modelling. The next step in this is 4D design for ultimate visualization and calculation of everything needed for an optimally functioning laboratory: …

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4D Seminar Labs31

Seminar – 4D laboratory

Ben jij benieuwd waarom een 4D laboratorium optimalisatie & ontwerp, veiliger en kosten besparend is?
Kom dan naar ons aankomende seminar op 2 december in de van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam.

norm gilbert van berkel

Laboratory Norms and Standards: Normalization is a must?

Laboratory Norms and Standards: Normalisation is a must?

The world would look very strange without norms and standards. In fact, the world would be more dangerous without norms and standards by connecting devices that don’t meet standards. Within labs, this would be all the more dangerous; for example, misinterpreting randomly used (colour) coding could even lead to a fatal accident. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to why standardization is critical. Just imagine what the world would look like! I have gained both theoretical and hands-on knowledge from labs by going a long way. After graduating from Leiden University, I started working at an engineering firm. From that moment on I have been involved in designing, supplying and installing complete laboratories – worldwide. The last step is to train the lab technicians. Many projects now and years later I am co-founder of Labs31. Labs31’s mission is to help customers create a new lab or improve the existing lab. To avoid many misunderstandings (and therefore delays and costs), things are visualized in 3D at an early stage.

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