Labs31 Crew

LabGuru – Ivano Zuliani

Ivano is a pure laboratory professional. Over the years, Ivano Zuliani has gained more than relevant experience in the field of laboratory furnishings, lab equipment and lab design. Due to his knowledge, experience and network of business partners and producers, he decided to start as an entrepreneur (also founder and owner of Labolutions). Ivano Zuliani …

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Wilfred van Oost - Labs31

LabGuru – Wilfred van Oost

Wilfred van Oost is a result-oriented people person and laboratory generalist. Pursuing a common goal gives him a lot of energy. He has a background in business management and ICT has been active in the laboratory field since 2016. He has a clear helicopter view and extensive experience in successfully realizing complex Dutch projects involving …

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LabGuru – Lou Maas

Lou Maas has a passion for design and engineering. As an Autodesk/Revit expert Elite, Lou created the Building Information Management foundation for Labs31 and our Clients. As a laboratory designer and engineering professional with a no-nonsense mentality, he knows how to optimize processes in a lean and efficient way. Lou is a Dutch and English …

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