LabGuru - Wilfred van Oost

Wilfred van Oost is a result-oriented laboratory generalist. Pursuing a common goal gives him a lot of energy. He has a background in business development, ICT, change management and coaching. He has been active in the laboratory field since 2016. Wilfred has a clear helicopter view and extensive experience in successfully realizing complex Dutch projects involving many stakeholders. He is an entrepreneur since 2005 and has worked as an interim manager ever since. He is a real people person who likes a good joke.

“Getting the Job done”

Family man (2 kids), running, fitness, badminton, outgoing. Likes the good live and good food.
Wilfred van Oost is one of the founders of Labs31 and as per September 1th 2023 transition manager for the Alexilum group (see recent newsflash).

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